DELTA SIX Tactical MH Pro FAST Helmet for Paintball / Airsoft (Olive)

DELTA_SIX_Tactical_FAST_MH_Helm_f-r_Paintball_Airsoft_Oliv _0002_ZUBEHÖR_OLIV DELTA_SIX_Tactical_FAST_MH_Helm_für_Paintball_Airsoft_innen DELTA_SIX_Tactical_FAST_MH_Helm_für_Paintball_Airsoft_Oliv_back DELTA_SIX_Tactical_FAST_MH_Helm_für_Paintball_Airsoft_Oliv_front Delta_Six_Produktverpackung_FAST_Helm
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Product description

DELTA SIX Tactical MH Pro FAST helmet for paintball / airsoft

The MH Pro FAST helmet from DELTA SIX is the higher quality premium version in the FAST helmet range from DELTA SIX. Not only is it available in a significantly larger range of colors, but it also has a few interesting additional features compared to the basic version. These include the removable foam padding in the helmet cover, which makes it much more comfortable to wear. In addition, the helmet can be infinitely adjusted to almost any head shape using the rotary wheel on the back of the head. This makes this helmet much more universal and can be worn by practically anyone.

FAST Tactical helmet replica from the DELTA SIX brand for use in paintball or airsoft sports. This replica of the famous tactical helmet of numerous armed forces worldwide is kept simple, but the price is interesting and still offers almost all the features you know from the original, as well as a very comfortable fit. With a screw cap you still have the optimal adjustment to your own head size.

The outer shell of the helmet consists of stable ABS and PC material. Inside, this can be lined with foam pads to improve comfort (4 interchangeable pads included).

The rail systems attached to the side allow the attachment of numerous accessories such as flashlights and night vision devices, just as you know it from the original helmet.

Product details of the DELTA SIX FAST Tactical Helmet:

- Very light material, comfortable to wear

- Side accessory mounting rails

- Numerous customization options inside the helmet

- Outer material ABS / PC

- Inner material EPS and foam

- Polyester chin strap

- Nylon buckle

- Head circumference individually adjustable via rotary wheel on the back of the head (universal size)

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