DELTA SIX Tactical JPC Quick Release Plate Carrier / plate carrier

DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Quick_Release_Plate_Carrier_Plattentraeger_multi DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Quick_Release_Plate_Carrier_Plattentraeger_back DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Quick_Release_Plate_Carrier_Plattentraeger_side DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Quick_Release_Plate_Carrier_Plattentraeger_front DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Quick_Release_Plate_Carrier_Plattentraeger_plate DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Quick_Release_Plate_Carrier_Plattentraeger_strap
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Product description

DELTA SIX Tactical JPC Quick Release Plate Carrier / plate carrier

High-quality plate carrier from the DELTA SIX brand in the current, tactical design, as used by numerous security services and armies around the world. The plate carrier can be equipped with plastic plates (not included)

The carrier features a quick removal design. By pulling on the shoulder straps, the plate carrier can be quickly dismantled so that it can be put down. The Velcro fasteners on the front can also be opened and closed very quickly. The front and back are equipped with Molle loops to attach all kinds of bags.

The size of the vest can be adjusted individually thanks to adjustable straps and pads on the shoulders and sides, so it fits almost everyone. DELTA SIX Tactical Equipment develops high-quality, durable material for use in action sports such as paintball and airsoft.

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