DELTA SIX Tactical Chest Vest MKIII

DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII-jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_back.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_bag.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_mulricam DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_close.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_back DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_bag DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_pouch DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_straps DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_oliv.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_oliv_back.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_oliv_bag.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_oliv_close.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_tan.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_tan_back.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_tan_bag.jpg DELTA_SIX_Tactical_Chest_Vest_MKIII_tan_close.jpg
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Product description

DELTA SIX Tactical Chest Vest with hanging pocket

High-quality tactical vest from the DELTA SIX brand in a current, tactical design, as used by numerous security services and armies around the world.

In addition to the large hanging pocket, the vest has another 6 fixed pockets. 2x pocket for pistol magazines on the front, 2x universal pouch for e.g. radios and 2x M4 mag pouch.

The size of the vest can be individually adjusted thanks to adjustable straps and padding on the shoulders and sides and therefore fits practically everyone. DELTA SIX Tactical Equipment develops high-quality, durable material for use in action sports such as paintball and airsoft.

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