Delta Six ProTac V2 Tactical Gloves / tactical full finger gloves (olive)

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Product description

The ProTac V2 Tactical Glove is the more modern version of the proven ProTac V1 Gloves. The core of the V2 variant has the same features as the V1 model, but in an upgraded form and a new, more modern design.

The padding on the back of the hand is no longer made of hard plastic on the V2 model, but a flexible, yet protective rubber layer has been processed. This protective armor covers the knuckles of the hand and fingers, providing even more protection than the stiff knuckle guards found on the V1 Gloves.

Of course, the ProTac V2 Gloves also have all the features of the V1 model. These are, among other things, a flexible and breathable material, reinforced material in the palm area, the wide, continuously adjustable wrist strap with Velcro and of course the usual good wearing comfort of the ProTac Tactical Glove series.

A successful further development for everyone who wants a fresh, new design and a few interesting extra features.

Product details of the ProTac V2 Tactical Gloves:

- Improved modern design

- New, more flexible rubber padding

- Padding on knuckles and fingers

- Breathable material

- Reinforced palms

- Comfortable to wear

- Wide, adjustable wrist strap with Velcro

- Available in sizes M, L, XL (Please select)

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