DELTA SIX ACM Jumper Molle Plate Carrier (Woodland Camo)

ACM_Jumper_Tactical_Weste_Molle_Plattentraeger_woodland_camo ACM_Jumper_Tactical_Weste_Molle_Plattentraeger_desert_Tan_seite DELTA_SIX_ACM_Jumper_Tactical_Weste_Verpackung ACM_Jumper_Tactical_Weste_Molle_Plattentraeger_desert_Tan_ruecken
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Product description

High-quality tactical Molle vest in ACM Jumper design including protective plate replica inserts from DELTA SIX Tactical Equipment.

This innovative and very compact vest model is currently in use by many special units around the world. The Molle surface allows a 100% individual construction of the tactical vest. Each player can equip the basic structure individually with their desired bags. Whether it's magazine pouches, bottle holders or storage space for accessories, this vest has it all.

The elastic, wide shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit. The integrated replica armor plates on the front and back of the vest give the material the necessary rigidity, a solid feel and at the same time protect against hits and impacts.

Thanks to various straps, the vest can be individually adjusted in length and width, so it should fit almost every player between 1.6m and 2m and with a body weight between 60 and 120kg.

Available in many different colors and camouflage patterns.

Product details of the DELTA SIX ACM Jumper Molle Vest / Plate Carrier :

- high-quality Molle system plate carrier

- Internal padding for optimal protection and comfort

- Compatible with all standard Molle pouches

- 3 magazine pouches (M16 format) on the front incl. quick-release straps

- Universal size, individually adjustable on the shoulders and abdomen