CU-Tools Adjustable Riser (FSR) - 140mm

CU_Tools_140mm_Weaverrail_Riser_Visiererhoehung_schwarz CU_Tools_140mm_Weaverrail_Riser_Visiererhoehung_schwarz_details CU_Tools_140mm_Weaverrail_Riser_Visiererhoehung_schwarz_schnellverschluss
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Product description

High-quality, adjustable sight rail from the CU-Tools brand. 100% Made in Germany.

The CU-Tools products are developed by experienced players from the MagFed paintball scene and are specially designed to meet the requirements of MagFed sports using First Strike ammunition.

The riser can be attached to any marker in no time at all using the quick release. To adjust the angle of inclination, you can optionally loosen one of the two hexagonal screws and set the sighting line to the desired angle. A simple increase in the line of sight is also possible with this riser. To do this, simply loosen both screws, front and rear, and lift the sight rail.

The CU-Tools riser is currently available in 2 lengths. Optionally as 40mm, 80mm or 140mm version.

This is the 140mm version.

Product details of the 140mm CU-Tools Riser:

- Dual height adjustable visor rail

- First Strike Ready

- Suitable for all standard 20mm Weaver rails

- Quick release for easy assembly

- Adjustment and fixation via hexagon screws

- Solid all-metal design

- Total length 140mm

- Delivery incl. suitable hexagon key

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