CS MagFed Innovations Air Stock Adapter for Planet Eclipse EMF100 Paintball Marker

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The German manufacturer CS MagFed Innovations presents the Air Stock Adapter that is compatible with the Planet Eclipse EMF100!

The long-awaited upgrade for the Planet Eclipse EMF100 is finally available. The Air Stock Adapter from CS MagFed Innovations makes it possible to move the air supply of the EMF100 to the shoulder rest.

In contrast to the PWR Stock offered by Planet, the HP system is no longer at the level of the ASA and is no longer connected there, but the connection is at the top, as with all other Air Stock systems.

However, the installation requires a few small changes to the marker. For example, a small channel for the air hose must be drilled into the handle of the EMF100 using a drill. This must be done by the user himself. The rest of the installation is then very easy thanks to the ingenious system. The adapter and the base plate, which replaces the ASA, are permanently installed in the housing and connected to quick-release couplings (fittings) via a flexible air hose.

The CS MagFed Innovations Air Stick Adapter is also a drop down adapter and thus enables problem-free aiming with a mask. A well thought-out upgrade that gets a lot more out of the EMF100 in terms of looks and handling.

Scope of delivery of the CS MagFed Innovation Air Stock Adapter for the Planet Eclipse EMF100:

1x Air Stick Adapter with fitting

1x ASA replacement adapter with blind plug and fitting

2x flexible air hose (1x is reserve)

ATTENTION - There is no recording for a stock guide. The system is designed for buttstocks with the buttstock guide set/glued to the flat. Similar to the T15. See link: Air Stock Guide

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