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Colorful HP System by Dynamic Sports Gear
Monday December 19, 2016

COLOR UP YOUR GAME! – Dynamic Sports Gear brings color to your paintball game. With the new HP system series in 5 bright colors, an inexpensive entry-level HP system is now available on the market for the first time.

The Dynamic Sports Gear HP systems have a filling volume of 0.8 L / 48ci and a working pressure of 200 bar. The European PI TÜV test allows use throughout Europe. The bottles have a service life of 10 (!) years from the date of manufacture before they need to be checked.

So if you are looking for a colorful HP system as a special unique selling point for your equipment, then you are guaranteed to find it here. Bring more color to your game with Dynamic Sports Gear 's HP systems to match your paintball marker.

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