Carmatech Nemesis precision barrel for First Strike FSC / T8.1 & T9.1

Carmatech_Nemesis_Paintball_Lauf_First_Strike_FSC_T81_einzeln Carmatech_Nemesis_Paintball_Lauf_First_Strike_FSC_T81
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Carmatech Engineering has now launched its Nemesis precision barrel for the First Strike FSC and the predecessor models T8.1 and T9.1. The high-quality Nemesis barrels have grooves and areas with extremely high spin. The paintball leaves the barrel at over 10,000 revolutions per minute, which ensures a very precise trajectory.

The new Nemesis FSC / T8.1 / T9.1 barrels are three-part and consist of a rear part with slides and fields on the inside and the typical FSC bayonet lock on the outside. This is followed by a guide part specially designed for First Strike Paintballs, which is about as long as the first part. The end is a threaded cap, which gives the barrel an attractive look towards the front and also enables muzzle brakes and silencers to be fitted later.

The barrels, which are elaborately manufactured in a special small series, are extremely precise and of high quality, but also extremely expensive. The single run almost beats the marker price again. However, the shot image is really impressive. Experienced pistol players will definitely appreciate this update and the accuracy that comes with it. With First Strike Paintballs, this pistol is almost as accurate as some sniper rifles, as various test videos on the web have already confirmed. Carmatech has once again done a great job and developed a product that is expensive, but definitely worth the money.

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