Carbon Paintball Cleat Covers

Carbon_Paintball_Cleat_Covers_Knoechelabdeckung-1 Carbon_Paintball_Cleat_Covers_Knoechelabdeckung_single Carbon_Paintball_Cleat_Covers_Knoechelabdeckung_single
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Product description

Carbon Paintball Cleat Covers

The Carbon Cleat / Ankle Covers are designed to fit over (or under) the user's pants to keep laces, debris out of footwear and provide extra ankle protection. The product allows trouser legs to be tucked into the lightweight, weatherproof material to maintain a streamlined trouser profile.

* Applicable in all weather and terrain. Optimal performance on grass, mud and rain.

Product Details of Carbon Paintball Cleat Cover / Ankle Cover:

- Robust elastic nylon mix

- Non-slip silicone interior

- Weather resistant coating

- One size fits all

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