Carbon Paintball CC Jersey (CRBN Camo)

Carbon_Paintball_CC_Jersey_CRBN_Camo-10 Carbon_Paintball_CC_Jersey_CRBN_Camo_back Carbon_Paintball_CC_Jersey_CRBN_Camo_front Carbon_Paintball_CC_Jersey_CRBN_Camo_side Carbon_Paintball_CC_Jersey_CRBN_Camo_right Carbon_Paintball_CC_Jersey_CRBN_Camo_back Carbon_Paintball_CC_Jersey_CRBN_Camo_right Carbon_Paintball_CC_Jersey_CRBN_Camo_frontCarbon_Paintball_CC_Jersey_CRBN_Camo_side
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Product description

Carbon Paintball CC Jersey (CRBN Camo)

This jersey is designed to improve fit and function on the player on the practice field or in wooded terrain. The CC Jersey is made from a blend of stretch mesh and 4-way stretch nylon to wick away moisture and provide adequate ventilation and breathability for all-day wear. For extra performance in all conditions, the jersey has anti-stain, UV protection and weather-resistant coatings. The traditional 5 panel fit design and relaxed collar are very comfortable to wear.

Product Details of the Carbon Paintball CC Jersey (CRBN Camo):

- Polyester/elastane fabric blend

- Weather resistant coating

- 4-way stretch mesh panels

- Compact collar

- UV-resistant

- Thumb straps for less sleeve movement

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