Carbon CC Harness Paintball Battlepack 4+5 (CRBN camo)

Carbon_CC_Harness_Paintball_Battlepack_4_5_CRBN_camo-3 Carbon_CC_Harness_Paintball_Battlepack_4_5_CRBN_camo_backCarbon_CC_Harness_Paintball_Battlepack_4_5_CRBN_camo_frontCarbon_CC_Harness_Paintball_Battlepack_4_5_CRBN_camo_leftCarbon_CC_Harness_Paintball_Battlepack_4_5_CRBN_camo_right Carbon_CC_Harness_Paintball_Battlepack_4_5_CRBN_camo_back Carbon_CC_Harness_Paintball_Battlepack_4_5_CRBN_camo_front Carbon_CC_Harness_Paintball_Battlepack_4_5_CRBN_camo_left Carbon_CC_Harness_Paintball_Battlepack_4_5_CRBN_camo_right
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Product description

The Carbon CC Paintball Battlepacks are the somewhat cheaper mid-range Battlepacks from the Carbon brand. With the CC Pack, too, value was placed on maximum weight savings and lightness. Nevertheless, the pack is very durable and of high quality. Despite the fact that we are talking about a mid-range battlepack, the CC Pack has all the features you would expect from a modern high-end tournament pack, just not the special market innovations of the Carbon SC Pack, which has many more features to offer .

Features of the Carbon CC 4+5 Pod Paintball Battlepack:

- Capacity 9 pods (4 pockets + 5 loops)

- Strapless design (can be loaded and unloaded with one hand)

- very light and durable material

- Double strap with Velcro

- Minimum size through SLP (automatic slimming profile) function

size waist



*Pots not included

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