Burst Disk for Paintball HP Regulator (7.5K) - silver

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Product description

7.5K rupture disc for Paintball HP regulators.

The bursting disc is an overpressure protection that protects the regulator, and thus also the marker, from too much pressure. If the working pressure in the cylinder or the regulator rises above normal levels for any reason (e.g. overpressure due to increased temperatures), the bursting disc is triggered and prevents anything worse from happening.

The bursting disc is simply exchanged for the old one. To seal the thread, we recommend Teflon tape or thread adhesive (Loctide) from our accessories.

Scope of application:

7.5K Rupture Discs are found in any 4500 PSI / 300 Bar HP system. The 7.5K bursting disc protects the bottle pressure there and triggers when the bottle is overfilled.

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