Bunkerkings Fly Compression Knee Pads (black)

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Product description

Bunkerkings Fly Compression Knee Pads

The Bunkerkings Fly Compression Knee Pads are made of moisture-wicking four-way stretch material that adapts and protects the body in different situations. Lightweight Air Hex pad technology eliminates the need to wear traditional pads. Run, slide, crouch and crawl without restrictions.

Variable Air Hex technology keeps the Fly Pads lightweight, breathable and most importantly, allows for natural movement while the pads flex freely to protect impact zones. The individual Air Hex layers are designed with a variable thickness of only 6 to 8 mm depending on the impact protection zone.

The features of the Bunkerkings Fly Compression Knee Pads at a glance:

- Variable 6-8 mm Air Hex padded hip protection

- Natural comfortable fit

- Flat lock seams

- Stay cool and dry

- Increased movement and flexibility

- Designed as a lightweight base layer for protective performance.

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