Bunkerkings CTRL Paintball Hopper (Navy)

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Bunkerking's CTRL paintball hopper

The next innovative product from Bunkerkings!

Perfectly balanced

It doesn't matter whether it's an electrical or mechanical marker, whether you're running or shooting from cover. Due to the perfect weight distribution, the CTRL Hopper feels very good on every marker.

The first hopper with a tilt angle indicator

Improve your marker handling with the integrated and freely programmable inclination angle indicator of the CTRL Hopper. Use your marker to find out the correct angle between two positions (e.g. backline to corner) during training or when walking the pitch. Set this angle on the indicator. An LED bar on the back of the hopper now shows you whether you are shooting at the correct angle. So you can now train your muscle memory accordingly without paintballs. Body-machine interaction at its finest.

The aiming angle can be changed at the push of a button to hit targets at different distances.

No more jams or broken paint

Due to the special design of the interior, in combination with the super soft fingers of the shovel mechanism, damage to the paintball or "jam" is almost impossible.

Improved conveyor logic

The funding logic was developed from scratch. Without any G-sensor, the CTRL recognizes when the marker fires and promotes paintballs until you stop shooting.

The base is important

A house is only as good as its foundation, which is why the CTRL Hopper is based on the tried and tested Virtue Spire III. Bunker Kings has taken the Spire III platform and improved it further.

Completely tool-free

Similar to the Spire III, the tray can be removed from the hopper and dismantled without tools. Thanks to the magnets used in the tray and in the bowl, it always sits firmly in the right place without tilting.

Easy programming

The CTRL hopper is programmed directly on the circuit board. For a simplified condition, you can see which parameter you are currently changing from the labeled board and the LEDs. No manual is needed.


- Perfect weight distribution

- New lean angle indicator

- Gentle on paint, never blocks

- Completely tool-free

- Magnetic tool-free tray

- Clever "ProActive Feeding" logic

- Easy to program

- Compatible with Virtue N-Charge battery

- Compatible with Bunkerkings NTR and Crown SF2 speed feeds

- Front and rear spring ramps can be retrofitted

Technical specifications:

Capacity: 200 balls

Batteries: 3x AA

Weight: 410 gr

Length: 22.35 cm

Width: 10.42 cm

Height: 9.40 cm

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