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Black Friday 2019 with Paintball Sports
Wednesday August 7, 2019

Play paintball cheaper than ever! – Only on Black Friday.

The annual discount battle in German online retail has a name. – BLACK FRIDAY

We don't close ourselves off to this tradition either, which spilled over to us from the USA a few years ago in Europe. On this one day of the year you can expect big discounts and great special offers on many items and product groups from our range. Playing paintball has never been cheaper than on this one day of the year. Be there and benefit from the great price reductions that retailers only grant on this one day of the year.

Black Friday, the opportunity to buy cheap paintball equipment!

Attention newcomers. Particularly large investments, such as your own complete paintball equipment , are worthwhile on Black Friday and can save you a lot of money. Also this year Paintball Sports is at the start with a big Black Friday promotion and guarantees you lots of discounts on selected, current products. From simple paintball markers for beginners to high-end professional devices, you can save money with every purchase from us. But only on Black Friday.

All BLACK FRIDAY offers are also valid in the Paintball Sports Store.

Of course you will also get all the discounts that we grant you in the online shop on site in the Paintball Sports Store in Hanover, Langenhagen. There you also have the opportunity to hold the products of your desire in your hands in advance, to examine them more closely and to get advice from our shop team.

It gets even better! – A visit to the shop is actually always worthwhile, but on Black Friday we have a few particularly fat special deals that are not available for everyone, but only for our loyal regular customers in the shop. Come by and discover very special special offers in the shop on Black Friday that you won't find anywhere else in Germany.

The Paintball Sports Shop team is looking forward to your visit. See you on November 29th, 2019 for the BLACK FRIDAY SALE 2019 .

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