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Battlefields Paintball Field – New in Hildesheim
Monday March 26, 2018

Battlefields – The big paintball field in Hildesheim

Only about 45 minutes from Hanover you will find the Battlefields paintball facility , one of the largest in Lower Saxony.

Here you can experience fun and action as an enthusiastic paintball player on currently 7 large playing fields . In addition to 2 large super fields for tournament sports, you can expect a large joungle field, 2 small action fields with huts, containers and cars, as well as the large shipment map in the rear part of the site.

Shipment – The highlight map at Battlefields.

This paintball field is guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired. If you like computer games like Counterstrike and Call of Duty , you'll get your money's worth at Jim & Jimmy's Shipment Field in Hildesheim.

You can expect a large container city on several thousand square meters that can be played on 2 levels and is even illuminated at night.

Especially MagFed players love this playing field. Not least because small MagFed tournaments and events are also played here.

Meet other players to play paintball, here's how…

Due to the size of the facility, the Battlefields paintball field in Hildesheim is also a facility where you can find new players and teams. When the weather is good, there are easily a hundred or more players on site, every weekend. So it is very easy for newcomers to connect and meet people to play paintball.

The organizers also organize player meetings and training tournaments several times a month. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Hardly any other facility offers the opportunity to play 1-2 events tailored to personal preferences every month. Only Battlefields Paintball in Hildesheim offers that.

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