Armotech / Dye Core 0.25L MagFed Paintball HP Bottle (300 Bar)

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Product description

With its Core product line, Dye is the first manufacturer in the world to launch a 0.25 liter HP bottle with a filling pressure of 300 bar.

MagFed and scenario players have been waiting for this product for years. Due to the increased working pressure and the increased volume from 0.2L to 0.25L, you can easily fire 50% more shots with this bottle,

The Dye Core 0.25 liter 300 bar HP bottle with its ultra-light 282g weight is currently by far the smallest, most compact and lightest HP bottle in the world.

Technical data of the Dye Core 0.25 liter 300 bar paintball HP bottle:

Length: 200mm / 20cm

Diameter: 50mm / 5cm

Filling volume: 0.25 liters

Weight 282g

Filling pressure 300 bar / tested up to 450 bar

Compatible with all common HP regulators with standard thread

PI tested (European TÜV)

Supplied individually, without regulator.