Airsoft spring pressure hand grenade - type M26-A2 (brown)

Airsoft_Paintball_Federdruck_Eier_Handgranate_braun Airsoft_Paintball_Federdruck_Eier_Handgranate_schwarz_geoeffnet Airsoft_Paintball_Federdruck_Eier_Handgranate_schwarz_abmessungen Airsoft_Paintball_Federdruck_Eier_Handgranate_schwarz_geoeffnet Airsoft_Paintball_Federdruck_Eier_Handgranate_schwarz_abmessungen
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Product description

Airsoft hand grenade with spring mechanism in the design of the US Army M26-A2 hand grenade.

The grenade is first cocked and then filled with 6mm Airsoft BBs through a chamber in the floor. When triggered, the shell of the grenade folds open and the BB's are scattered in a radius of up to 5 meters by means of a spring mechanism.

Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms.

This airsoft hand grenade is not only very interesting in terms of price, but also reusable!

The housing is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. For safety reasons, we recommend rolling the grenade into rooms (!) when using it. On the one hand, this protects the material and it prevents an opponent from being hit in the head by the grenade.

Product details of the airsoft spring pressure hand grenade:

- True to original design (US Army M26-A2 hand grenade)

- Spring pressure mechanism

- Reusable

- Can be used with 6mm Airsoft BB's

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