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Air Challenger V-Mech Paintball Hopper *NEW*
Friday October 5, 2018

Air Challenger V-Mech – The first of its kind…

With the V-Mech, Air Challenger has launched the world's first purely mechanical paintball hopper. What is special, in addition to the unique technology, is the price, because this hopper feeds a whopping 11+ balls per second into your paintball marker and does not cost 40 euros.

We tested the V-Mech and can draw mixed conclusions.

PRO V-Mech Loader

– very good price-performance ratio

– High feedrate (11+ BPS) for a mechanic loader

– solid, low-maintenance technology

CONTRA V-Mech Loader

– Only 100 balls loading capacity per 1x draw

– Only suitable for beginners and field use

All in all, one can say that the V-Mech Paintball Hopper is definitely a niche product, but in our opinion it will definitely find its buyers and fans.

Thanks to the V-Mech hopper in combination with pneumatic markers, such as the Smart Parts / GOG Enmey or the new EMEC from Planet Eclipse, playing fields in particular can offer an interesting overall package with a high rate of fire that is quite affordable to buy and in terms of fun for the offers customers some added value. The increased paint sales should also not be ignored by the playing fields. No other product on the market in this price range can currently offer this.

For newcomers and hobby paintballers, the V-Mech is also an inexpensive alternative to get started. So even as a beginner you can slowly increase the fun factor and the fire rate of the marker and later switch to a more expensive e-loader if you like it.

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