AIM TOP Extreme Precision Heavier Airsoft BIO BB's 0.40g (500 shots)

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Product description

The AIM Top brand has been one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to high-quality Airsoft BBs for years. Players worldwide trust in this premium brand and its products. Due to the high-quality processing of this airsoft ammunition with its specially smoothed surface without burrs and edges, the bullets fly extremely accurately even over long distances.

AIM TOP Extreme Precision Heavier Bio BB's were specially designed for use in airsoft sniper weapons or sniper rifles. They are significantly heavier than normal BBs and therefore fly further and more accurately.

Its polished surface is burr-free, which enables excellent flight characteristics and the best precision. Due to their composition, the BB's are biodegradable.

- Caliber: 6mm BB

- Weight 0.40g

- Contents: approx. 500 pieces

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