68Balls FX Ammunition - Sparkling Balls / Explosive Projectiles (10 tubes)

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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Product description

The 68Balls Sparkling Balls produce a small explosion with jet flame and a bright flash of light when they hit a hard surface. A great effect that is used especially in film and television. But also suitable for shows at paintball scenario events or for product demonstrations. This bullet is definitely not suitable for the normal paintballer.

Product details of the 68Balls Sparkling Balls:

- Cal. 68 floors

- Plasti hard shell with special filling

- Creates a flash of light and sparks)

- Weight approx. 3g per bullet

- Diameter equivalent to .691

ATTENTION , these FX bullets are not intended for normal use in paintball sports.

Quickly flammable. Please only use this ammunition in an appropriate environment. Do not keep flammable objects or substances nearby.

The item is sold by us as FSK18 and should not get into the hands of minors.