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You can buy good paintball balls from a specialist
Tuesday January 24, 2017

Good and at the same time cheap paintballs – if you make these demands on your paint, you should seek advice from a specialist. You've come to the right place with us. Not only because we carry almost all types of paintballs, but because our employees all play paintball themselves and can tell you exactly which type is best for your needs.

Proshar Paintballs – All varieties at fair prices

Proshar is one of the currently best-known manufacturers in paintball. The company from Russia offers 4 different varieties with very high quality. The Proshar Skirmish Paint is used by many league teams for training. The Proshar Tournament Paint is currently one of the best on the market.


DXS / Draxxus Paintballs – The global brand from Canada

Draxxus paintballs have been among the best and most well-known on the market for decades. The quality is consistently good, which makes these paintballs so popular. The Draxxus company comes from Canada and produces its paintballs there in the Procaps factory of GI Sportz , where other well-known brands such as Empire are also manufactured. We offer you all types of Draxxus paintballs in all quality levels, and at a fair price. From 3 boxes we also deliver the Draxxus Paint to you free of charge within Germany.


Empire – Marballizer & Evil, the veterans of tournament sports

The Empire brand is mainly known in the USA. Anyone who plays paintball in the USA is very likely to use Empire products for their sport. At Paintball Sports you get all types of the popular Empire paintballs, whether Empire HEAT Training Paintballs , or the popular tournament types Marballizer and RPS Evil with the particularly thick, luminous filling.


New Legion Paintballs – Quality Made in China

The New Legion brand is produced in China and distributed in Germany by various dealers and distributors. The wide range of different types and the low price make this paint particularly interesting for newcomers and price-conscious players. If you value a good price with attractive quality, you can rely on New Legion as a paintball brand at your side.


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