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Friday March 10, 2023


This time we were again guests at the largest German paintball fair, the X-Days. So that our readers don't get bored, we decided to change the format of our contribution a bit this time and simply let those responsible for X-Days and some of the well-known personalities from the scene, who were also there, speak . The result is an interesting view of the X-Days from four different perspectives. Stay tuned.

As already mentioned, we would like to give the floor to the people who were directly involved in the X-Days. We asked some of the most important and well-known people on site for their personal feedback on this year's X-Days. It starts with someone who probably knows the most active scenario paintballers. Christoph Leichsenring, aka "The Braveheart", your feedback on this year's X-Days please…

It continues with an old friend from the tournament scene. Anton "Tone" Heim from Tones Paintballstore from Austria has been represented at the X-Days for several years with the HK Army brand and is already known to visitors as one of the most extravagant representatives of the dealership. Why is he telling us himself…

As most of you probably know, the X-Days are the in-house exhibition of the Paint Xteme company, which also includes the MagFed.de label. This was represented on site in 2022 by Martin Händl. Martin, your conclusion please.

In the end, all that remains is the organizer's final conclusion. We asked Lars Herzig, from the company Paint Xtreme and thus the man behind the X-Days, for his assessment of this year's trade fair. Lars, X-Days 2022 is in the books, how was it?

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