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What is scenario paintball?
Tuesday May 24, 2016

In a nutshell, Scenario Paintball is a paintball game in which a story is re-enacted. The boundaries between woodland and scenario blur, because many elements of the two game variants are completely or only partially adopted. There aren't really any clear boundaries between scenario and woodland, but scenario is nothing more than a live role-playing game. The classic marking fades into the background in scenario paintball, as this type of game is about solving complex tasks on the field. By solving the tasks, points are collected. The more points, the closer the victory. For this reason, scenario has a lot more facets to offer than normal woodland paintball.

Scenario Paintball – how does the game work?

To make scenarios really interesting, the playing fields are not only larger, there are also more players on the field. Therefore, scenario games are also played in the Big Games. The individual game rounds in the scenario are longer and can run throughout the day. Unlike other game variants, players can leave the playing field and go back into the game at any time. Here, too, a marshal ensures that the number of players is always balanced. The scenario game is primarily about completing tasks, but you can also mark the players of the opposing team. But that only has the purpose of weakening the opposing team. You only get a point in the game if the task has been completed.

Different tasks are set during a game round and the marshal or several marshals give a comprehensive briefing at the entrances to the field. In order for the game to run correctly, there are several marshals and a game master on the field. In the paintball scenario, various tasks have to be completed simultaneously under a specified time limit, of course, to increase the pressure during the game. The possibilities for scenario games are varied, starting with fictional stories in the military field or stories from science fiction. Military stories in scenario games are mostly based on real stories or video games. In Germany, mainly fictional stories from the future are played.

Scenario equipment and clothing

Scenario Players wear paintball gear based on the theme of the game. If a military story is chosen, the paintballers will wear military paintball gear.

Play Scenario: The Paintball Markers – The Replica

Scenario gamers rebuild or expand their markers to adapt their paintball gun to the fictional scenario story. However, there are special rules for modding in Germany that must be observed. Tuning measures are popular, but paintball beginners should buy a finished replica right away, because you have to have an idea of technology, otherwise the technology would only be affected.

scenario league

There are also international and national leagues in the paintball scenario. However, there are more fun players than tournament gamers in the scenario. No wonder, because most players just enjoy experiencing a story in a team. It's not necessarily about winning.

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