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Tuesday September 20, 2022

THE BIG FIELD CHECK – The paintball field Uffenheim

In 2022 we will continue our Spielfeldcheck series of articles. We visit a paintball field for you in every issue and make a detailed report in which we inform you about the key data of the fields and the special features of the individual systems. For today's field check, we left the Nordic realms and made the long journey to Uffenheim in Bavaria. There is the facility of Paintball Uffenheim , also known as P.Uff. We met the operator Markus Schramm on site to talk to him about his system and the currentto speak season.

The Paintball Uffenheim facility is located in the northern tip of the Free State of Bavaria. Around 100km from the nearest playing field, the small but fine facility has a few very nice unique selling points in the region and has been one of the most successful tournament locations in southern Germany for years.

It all started in 2017, when operator Markus Schramm decided to open a tournament field. It has to be said that opening a paintball facility in southern Germany has never been easy. With a lot of passion and love for paintball tournaments, Markus finally managed to build one of the best facilities in the region. Tournament paintball is played, lived, promoted and further developed here. Everything that has status and reputation in southern Germany meets regularly in the P.Uff for training. “Many of the southern German top teams train with us. Among others, we have Munich Freak Show, the Jokers, Rain of Fire Nuremberg, the Killzone Bavaria Army team, GMK, the Racoons and also the guys from Schömberg Unleashed as our guests.” Markus tells us proudly.

Anyone who comes from tournament sports knows immediately that a high level of play is guaranteed with these team names. At the same time, however, many young players and teams train on the facility, so that practically all leagues are represented on site. In the end, all teams benefit together from the high level of performance in the region, because only where strong opponents are waiting for you on the field can you develop as a player or as a team.

WILLKOMMEN IM P.UFF - Paintballspielfeld Uffenheim

There are some changes planned for the facility in the future, Markus tells us: “In the past, we were the official DPL training field and also the league venue for several years. That will change now. From the coming season, the DPL teams can of course continue to train with us, but we will no longer have DPL tournaments. We will align the layouts with the NXL in the future. Instead of the DPL, we have our own tournament series in the starting blocks, which we are currently working feverishly on.” But that shouldn't be all, as Markus reveals to us shortly afterwards. "In cooperation with the internationally successful Russian Pro Team Russian Legion, another major project is being planned," he tells us.

“The project is to be called MASTERCLASS and is intended on the one hand to give beginners as well as experienced players the opportunity to improve their skills and their game. The whole thing happens in cooperation with the Russian Legion team, me as field operator and coach and our manager Katja Aigner. The aim should be to build up a pro squad for Europe, which will then play under the Red Legion label as Team Red Legion Europe. The team should play at national and international events. The list of planned events includes the Croatia Cup, the NXL Europe and, as a highlight, the NXL World Cup in Orlando/Florida.” Markus explains to us in the further conversation.

That sounds really like very ambitious plans. We wish Markus and his team all the best for the implementation. Now that we have almost only talked about tournament paintball, we would like to conclude by pointing out again that newcomers to Paintball Uffenheim are, of course, always welcome. Opposite the tournament field there is a large action field for rental operations.

So if you come from the region and have discovered paintball with your friends, you can live it out to the full on site. Sufficient rental equipment is available and Paintball Uffenheim also takes care of everything else. Regardless of whether you are a tournament player or a newcomer with a day ticket, the field is definitely worth a visit.

We wish you a lot of fun on site.

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