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We bring carbon paintball to Germany…
Monday December 11, 2017

Carbon Paintball – The new high-end clothing

The Carbon company comes from the USA and is managed by former professionals from the tournament scene. Carbon has specialized in very high-quality, ultra-light and innovative paintball products. In addition to trousers, jerseys and gloves, the range also includes battlepacks, protective equipment and an interesting selection of paintball leisure clothing,

Carbon products are expensive, why is that?

The Carbon Paintball brand is definitely one of the most expensive on the market at the moment. On the other hand, as a player you get a lot for your money. Carbon not only uses the lightest and highest quality materials, but they have also come up with a lot of new features that no other manufacturer on the scene has to offer. Most of the products are really genuine, innovative market innovations and further developments, some of which even have patents.

The Carbon Paintball product range – There is a clear structure here

Carbon divides its range into 3 classic areas. These are divided according to the individual application or functional areas and are broken down as follows.



This is about the protective equipment that is worn directly on the skin or under the actual player clothing. Carbon Paintball Slide Shorts (Protective Bottom), Chest Armor (Protective Top), Knee Pads and Gloves are available. These form practically the basic protective equipment of the player.


Outerwear refers to everything that is worn in player clothing over the base layer. This product category includes trousers, jerseys and the new player sweaters. These are practically nothing more than a slightly thicker, much more durable jersey that you can wear in bad weather or on action fields.


The third major product category is the equipment. This includes Carbon Paintball its Battlepacks, which are available in 2 different models. Both models are available in 5 different colors. The basic colors black and gray are also available in different sizes for carrying from 7 to 15 pots per pack.

Also, the new Carbon Therma Pods fall into this product category.

The carbon paintball range is constantly being expanded…

This is far from the end. At the moment there are already a lot of new, brand hot products at Carbon on the list. In addition to a new bag collection with gear bags, backpack and marker bag, which will be launched in the next few weeks, there are already new headbands that we will also have in our range from January 2018.


We are very excited to see what else we will see from the Carbon Paintball brand in the next season. We will definitely continue to expand the range and always present you with the latest carbon paintball products at Paintball Sports.

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