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WASP Paintball & Airsoft Grenades – NEW
Wednesday June 27, 2018

Paintball Sports brings the new WASP grenades to Germany

Once again we kept our eyes open for the latest product highlights for you and came across the successor generation of the proven WASP hand grenade .

This new type of training equipment was originally developed for realistic training in the area of police authorities and for military training. At the same time, the products also have free approval for the civilian market, which makes them particularly interesting for airsoft players and MagFed paintballers .

Hardly any other training grenade currently offers a comparable, more realistic handling and functional principle.

The WASP grenades are currently available in 3 types. We explain to you what is possible and where the small but subtle differences lie.

How does the WASP Grenade Gen.2 work in practice?

The function is explained quite simply and most interested customers will already be familiar with it, as it is based 1:1 on the original. The grenade has a jacket made of plastic material, which is filled with different contents depending on the model. In addition, as with any commercially available grenade, there is a safety clip, also known as a rocker arm, and a safety pin that protects the grenade from accidental ignition.

To detonate, simply hold the grenade firmly in your hand and enclose the safety catch. Then, with the other hand, pull out the safety pin and throw the grenade in the target direction. After releasing the grenade, the shackle detaches, releasing the firing mechanism. After about 3-4 seconds, the grenade then explodes in the target area and releases its charge into the environment.

The WASP Paintball Color Grenade – RED

This model is filled with a small paint bag. When the grenade explodes, the paint is distributed in a radius of up to 5 meters around the source of the explosion, reliably marking the targets / players there. Anyone who has received paint is considered to have been hit and is eliminated from the game/exercise.

The color variant is excellent for identifying hits as it is the only one of the 3 variants that leaves a permanent hit mark for later evaluation.

The WASP Airsoft Grenade – BLACK

This model is filled with up to 200 airsoft balls, also called BB's, which are distributed in all directions in a radius of up to 15 meters when they explode. This model has a significantly larger radius of action than the color grenade, but does not leave any color hits/marks on the target that can be evaluated. The bounce effect is particularly interesting, which means that the plastic balls bounce back on a hard surface and spread in all directions. As a result, this grenade has a very high spread and effect in the target area.

The WASP BIO hand grenade – GREEN

The BIO model works in principle like the normal airsoft grenade, but this version is filled with peas instead of 6mm BBs. These decompose very quickly in nature and are completely biodegradable. A clean solution for anyone wanting it to be biodegradable, or those playing on pitches where only BIO BB's are allowed.

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