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Virtue Vio – now it's getting colorful
Friday July 15, 2016

Virtue has created a unique miracle of color with the Vio paintball mask. The technology of the mask has revolutionized the market, because the Virtue Vio offers a level of customization like hardly any other mask model. You buy a Virtue Vio model and can customize the mask with one of thirty different mask frames and one of ten different mask lenses. There are a total of 3000 possible color combinations, which gives you unprecedented individuality.

Of course, it is also an advantage that the Virtue Vio is already equipped with high-quality double thermal glass as standard. Thanks to the flexible soft frame and the mouthguard, the paintball mask is not only comfortable to wear. It also offers maximum safety, as the flexibility of the frame means that the energy of the paintballs that hit it is wasted. The glass of the Virtue Vio can be changed in no time thanks to the quick-change function. You can even play with the Virtue Vio in strong sunshine because the glass has integrated 100% UV protection.


In the course of 2016, other versions of the Vio came onto the market. Not all of them can be completely customized, but each one has its right to exist.

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