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Valken products – New at Paintball Sports
Monday June 11, 2018

Paintball Sports – Your big Valken Paintball Shop

The Valken brand has had a rather weak presence in Europe in recent years. This shall be changed now. Valken has strategically repositioned itself and developed a large number of new, very interesting products. The US brand is now ready to penetrate the European market. Of course, as one of the leading German paintball shops, we will include the Valken collection in our range for you.

Some of the products are already in stock, many more are already listed in the online shop or will follow in the next few days.

What has improved at Valken in recent years?

On the one hand simply the supply channels. In the past it was always quite difficult for us to get hold of any Valken products at all, as the supply channels were very limited. For years Valken focused on the USA as their main market. In the meantime, however, there are several central storage locations and a distribution network in Europe, so that players in this country can now also enjoy Valken products.

In addition, Valken no longer only offers well-established products that can be bought practically everywhere, but they have also developed their own products, so that slowly but surely you can no longer avoid this brand if you are looking for a specific, from Valken developed product.

The hottest new products from the Valken Paintball brand

The paintball players in Germany are waiting for hardly any paintball marker as much as for the Valken Blackhawk MFG , an inexpensive MagFed entry-level marker with all the chicanery. Out of the box, this paintball gun comes with a magazine feed and a shoulder stock with an integrated air supply. In addition, there is an attractive design and high-quality workmanship. We are sure that this marker will clean up the MagFed market from the bottom up, as it currently offers the best overall concept in the entry-level segment. In contrast to Tippmann's current top model, the Tippmann TMC, the Valken Blackhawk MFG is compatible with First Strike paintballs as standard. This is a huge competitive advantage for Valken and will make the difference in the purchase decision for many players.

The complete Valken range at Paintball Sports

Of course we will also include the rest of the Valken product range. From tournament clothing with trousers, jerseys and protective gear, to battlepacks and masks, to the Valken Tactical line for the woodland area, you will soon find everything that Valken has to offer.

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