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Valken Paintballs – Large selection for a small price!
Tuesday September 19, 2017

Valken Paintballs – Fresh paintballs at a fair price.

The US manufacturer Valken is on the rise and offers its customers a total of 9 different types and therefore an incredibly large selection of paintballs for paintball sports. Hardly any other manufacturer has such a broad product portfolio as Valken. At the same time, the paintballs are of very high quality and relatively inexpensive. We therefore give a clear purchase recommendation, even for beginners and newcomers to paintball.

What is special about Valken's paint balls?

Valken's paintball ammunition comes almost exclusively from the Far East. As a customer, you can tell by the price. Valken paintballs are often a few euros cheaper than comparable paintballs from other brands. Nevertheless, Valken offers good quality, controlled ingredients that are biodegradable, and the paintballs are well packed so that they cannot be damaged during transport.

All in all a really good paint for an uncompromisingly good price.

Valken paintballs have also been developed in such a way that they really are suitable for everyone. There are a total of 9 different quality levels from very hard to very brittle. So there really is the right paintball for every player and every budget.

Valken's paintball range at a glance

Below we would like to give you a brief overview of the paint types available from Valken. In addition, we explain to you in short sentences the differences between the respective varieties and what they are best suited for.

Valken Kilo Paintballs – paintball ammunition for scenario specialists

This paint is ideal for beginners and MagFed players. The box already shows it is a Woodland Paint. Hard shell soft core. The Paint flies accurately and pops on target, not on the run. This is an inexpensive oil-based paint that is easy to clean. Valken_Kilo_Paintballs_Training

Valken Infinity Paintballs – The number one for training

Valken's affordable training paintball is called Infinity. It is specially designed for the requirements of supair and tournament sports. Medium-hard shell in yellow and a yellow filling offer everything today's tournament players need for training. In addition, there is an affordable price that makes team training as cheap as possible. valken_infinity_paintballs

Valken Fate Premium Paintballs – 100% PEG and top quality

This paint is the real entry-level ball for all hobby players. If you only play 1-2 times a month, you should value a good ball and spend 5-10 euros more if you only miss one box a day. In return, with Valken Fate he gets a ball that is guaranteed to fly great, has a good filling that you can clearly see on the target, and the shell reliably breaks on the opponent but not on the run. Just like a really good all-round paintball should be. Valken_Fate_Paintballs

Valken Fate UV – Paintball tracer ammunition for games at night

This paint has a special filling that glows in the dark when exposed to UV light beforehand. Almost like a paintball tracer bullet. This paintball ammunition offers the player a lot of fun and a special effect when playing in the dark. Valken_Fate_UV_Paintballs

Valken Field – paint balls for paintball fields

This ball is mostly only found on fields with FPO (Field Paint Only). Valken sells this paintball ammunition specifically to its field operators. Unfortunately, end customers are less likely to be able to play this paint. Valken_Field_Paintballs_Training

Valken Crusade Paintballs – The High End Premium Segment

In terms of flight behavior and filling, this paintball is definitely almost suitable for tournaments. Only the shell makes the difference. This paint can still be fired with all types of markers, including the somewhat coarser blowback markers. In return, the buyer has a really high-quality ball with top properties in the marker. Fun and action are guaranteed. Valken_Crusade_Paintballs

Valken Redemption – Tournament paintballs for cold temperatures

This paint is Valken's tougher tournament grade. The colored balls have a thick, glaringly luminous filling and excellent flight behavior. The shell breaks very well on the opponent, but is stable enough so that you can play this paintball even in the rain or colder temperatures in the morning. Valken_Tournament_Redemption_Paintballs

Valken Graffiti – Magfed players love these paintballs

Unfortunately, the popular Valken Graffiti Paintballs are no longer available for purchase. Due to a legal dispute with the manufacturer GI Sports, the graffiti paintballs were taken off the market. At the core of the dispute was part of the manufacturing process for the multicolored, striped shell of these paintballs. GI had a special patent for manufacturing it. Therefore, Valken was prohibited from further production. MagFed players around the world still mourn this top paint today… Valken_Graffiti_Paintballs

Valken Redemption Pro – The paint for tournament winners & champions

Super brittle, extremely precise and provided with a thick, bright yellow filling. That is exactly what Valken Redemption Pro is. These paintballs are among the best you can shoot at top level tournaments. Valken_Pro_Tournament_Paintballs

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