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Umarex HDR50 & HDP50 Export Kits
Friday April 30, 2021

X-Valve – The new Umarex Export Kit for HDR50, HDP50 & HDS68

We now have the new X-Valve tuning valve for the Umarex T4E weapons in our range for you. This kit triples the performance of the Umarex T4E weapon from the factory setting of 7.5 joules, namely to approx. 20 joules.

What buyers need to know at this point – The purchase and possession of this tuning part is very well permitted and permitted in Germany. The installation in the gun is strictly forbidden! In Germany there is a regulation of 7.5 joules for free weapons with an F stamp, such as the Umarex HDR50 revolver or the Umarex HDP50 pistol . By installing the X-Valve tuning valve, the shooting performance of the HDR50 revolver is increased beyond the permitted and legally permitted level. This means that the weapon loses its license and would then require a weapon license.

Therefore our request to all those interested in this product, inform yourself in advance about the legal regulations and provisions in dealing with tuning parts. Illegal gun ownership is not a minor offense and is severely punished by the legislature.

What can the new Umarex HDR50 X-Valve tuning valve do?

In principle, the valve increases the volume of the pressure chamber in the HDR50 revolver due to the new components. More volume means more gas hits the ball, giving it more power and faster acceleration. Ultimately, this increases the projectile energy, because this is calculated from mass x speed. The bullet remains the same, but the higher the speed at which it is fired, the higher the impact energy on the target.

For which Umarex T4E guns is the X-Valve tuning valve available?

Currently there is the X-Valve tuning valve for the Umarex HDR50 revolver, as well as for the Umarex HDP50 pistol and the Umarex HDS68 shotgun. All 3 versions increase the energy of the weapon up to 20 joules.

What is included with the Umarex HDR50 Revolver X-Valve Export Kit?

The X-Valve tuning valve is delivered in a small, handy plastic blister with a printed plug-in card. In the blister you will find instructions for use in German and English.

The actual kit for the HDR50 revolver and the HDP50 pistol consists of a new bolt pin and a sealing cap for the pressure chamber in the housing. The X-Valve Kit for the HDS68 shotgun, on the other hand, consists of a single valve pin. But the HDS68 kit only costs half as much.

Installation is possible within a few minutes. You simply follow the supplied installation instructions or alternatively you can also use one of the numerous YouTube videos on the net for orientation.

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