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Friday January 24, 2020


If you are currently looking for a pistol-shaped paintball marker, you will probably think of First Strike or Tippmann first. This Cal. 68 paintball guns are quite common in the scene. What few people know is that it is more compact, more realistic and, above all, cheaper! – How it works? – With the Umarex T4E series. So far, Umarex has mainly known the Walther PPQ T4E model. A 1:1 replica of the proven Walther PPQ 9mm pistol in Cal. 43 RAMs. The T4E series was originally developed by Umarex for training purposes and self-defense. In the paintball scene, however, this model is popular for its compact design and very realistic look. This meant that the PPQ T4E was used more and more in the MagFed area and outstripped the top dogs, Tippmann TPX and First Strike FSC.

The advantages of the Umarex models are obvious. In addition to the realistic look and handling, the product features are also very convincing. So there are not only numerous different types of ammunition for the Umarex Cal. 43 pistols, but it also performs absolutely reliably in all weather conditions. Thanks to the Co2 capsule integrated in the magazine, you have a fresh cartridge with a full propellant charge available after every magazine change. Due to the particularly small 43 caliber (approx. 10.5 mm), the firing speed can be set very high within the 7.5 joules limit. Due to this high bullet velocity, the T4E pistols are not only very accurate, but it is also practically impossible to see a shot coming and dodge it at short range. Another tactical advantage that MagFed players appreciate in the CQB area.

But let's now turn to the new products. Anyone who has had their eyes open in the forums and on the US market in recent months has already been able to catch a few preview images of the new models. However, German customers still had to be patient, because Umarex has kept a low profile here in this country so far when it comes to the new pistol models. Last but not least, this time shift in the publication also has to do with the license rights of the US providers. There, the same models are sold under slightly different names. In Germany, the new models are called Smiss & Wesson M&P 9 2.0 T4E and T4E TPM1 RAM. Both models are based on the tried-and-tested technology of the PPQ T4E, but have each received a new optical housing and therefore represent a completely new pistol model from a purely visual point of view. The T4E TPM1 model in particular will look familiar to many players.

What you should consider as a prospective buyer of one of the new models are the differences in the magazines. Both the T4E TPM1 and the Smiss & Wesson M&P 9 have their own magazines as accessories. As with the previous PPQ T4E model, these are available both as a normal 8-round magazine or again in the emergency version with a quick release on the magazine shaft. The emergency version should guarantee the longest possible standby times. The gun is loaded with parts in this magazine until you hit the bottom of the magazine against a hard surface. Only then is the Co2 capsule activated and pressurizes the weapon for the first shot. – But this magazine is more for the self-defense sector.

When it comes to ammunition, the player has the usual Cal. 43 bullets from Umarex and the numerous other providers on the market are available. For use in the paintball area, or for MagFed games, we recommend the large selection of colors from the manufacturer Dynamic Sports Gear. This company manufactures Cal. 43 paintballs in 8 color variants specially tailored to the requirements of Cal. 43 weapons are designed. We personally do not recommend the use of powder balls for use in paintball. Of course, the powder balls are much harder from the shell, which can lead to fewer problems and ball bursts, but the bullets are actually too hard for anything that falls below the limit of self-defense. In order to avoid injuries and unnecessary pain when hit, powder balls have no place in the sporting field.

If you want to use the new Umarex models more for self-defense, you are best served with pepper balls, rubber bullets, so-called rubber balls or the much harder powder balls. Below we have broken down the different types of ammunition for you according to their possible uses.

Guide to Cal. 43 ammunition (separate box with pictures)

Self Defense Paintball / MagFed

– Pepperballs – Paintballs

– Marking balls – Powder balls

– Rubber balls

– Powder balls

The new Umarex T4e pistol models will be available in German stores from mid-January. As an interested buyer, you should note that the models will only be available from a small, select group of dealers due to the limited availability. From the end of February, the models are expected to be more widely available. For us, the new models are definitely a great addition to the Cal range. 43. MagFed players are probably already rubbing their hands and can't wait to test this new toy at the next event. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun.

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