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Toro Paintballs – The cheap quality brand for hobby players
Monday January 22, 2018

Buy Toro paintballs – Paintball Sports offers you the full range

As the largest supplier of paintball balls in Germany, a long-established brand like Toro should not be missing from our product portfolio. Today we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the well-known brand from France and to inform you about the differences between the individual varieties.

Toro Paintballs – A brand with tradition

Toro paintballs have been an integral part of the European paintball scene since the late 1990s. Initially, Toro was still a marginal phenomenon on the market, but then gradually blossomed into a popular brand for many players. The paintballs were popular not only because of their low price, but above all because of the consistent quality. What was still considered a problem in the early years was the fact that Toro paintballs have always had a very hard shell. At that time, people often spoke of "stones" when talking about the Toro brand on the playing fields of the republic.

However, what has always been uncompromisingly convincing was the consistently good quality of the Toro paintballs. The balls have always been very round and always flew accurately. This is still the case today. Add to that the fact that Toro is one of the few manufacturers that has never really changed the size of their paintballs. Most brands have gradually reduced the diameter of their paintballs over the last 10 to 15 years to save on materials and costs. Toro paintballs have remained constant in size and are now among the really big paintballs in the industry at .688 to .693. Another quality feature.

The hard shell of paintballs also found its favorites in the end. So Toro paintballs are not only bought by price-conscious players today, but are also popular in the MagFed area, where only magazines are used, and of course by all players who prefer a slightly harder shell than bursts.

Toro paintballs come in 6 varieties!

Of course we offer you the complete range of Toro paintballs. You can get all 6 types from us, starting with the cheap Field Grade, up to the high-quality High End Paint. We briefly explain the individual varieties and what the special features are.

Toro Field Paintballs

Toro Field is the inexpensive entry-level ball. Monochrome shell, thin filling, but good flight characteristics. Suitable for everyone who likes it cheap and good.

Toro Classic

The Basic Premium field. Solid workmanship, two-tone shell, luminous filling and good flight behavior. An all-round ball for training and for hobby players who want something solid.

Toro Ice

As the name suggests, this is the Toro Winter Paint. A classic ball with a slightly modified formula for the cold season.

Toro Tactical Paintballs

Toro has developed this paint specifically for woodland and scenario players in recent years. The shell is dark to make it harder to see the ball in flight.

Toro Precision

The high-quality premium variant of the Toro Paint, particularly popular with MagFed players and all ambitious recreational paintballers.

Toro Tournament

Toro Torunament was only launched in 2014 and offers the first and only tournament level of the Toro Paint. The shell is still a fair bit harder than most high-end tournament varieties, but in terms of filling and flight behavior, this paint is clearly ahead. We recommend Toro Tournament Paintballs eg for games in cold temperatures.

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