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Friday January 24, 2020


Kress: Hi Nic and great that you are taking the time for this interview.

Nic: But Kress is welcome.

Kress: Nic, you've already played for 3 of the big names in German tournament paintball in your career. – Frankfurt Syndikat, Comin At Ya and since early 2019 now for Breakout Spa. When you look back over the past few years, what were the special moments for you?

Nic: Definitely the two championship titles. In 2013 I was the first player from the junior team "Syndicate Kidz" to be promoted to the first team, together we then immediately won the championship title in the DPL, which was really something very special for me. – And then this season, finally the reward for all the hardships you have taken on, the hard training and all the kilometers you have driven for the sport and the team. Finally being back on the podium after so many years on the 5th match day and lifting the championship trophy was also a special moment and a good reward for the year. But the most important are actually the moments you have off the field. All the countries you travel to, the people you meet, the friendships you make and for me personally the different food cultures. All this makes such a paintball season something very special!

Kress: When you talk about food from different countries, is there anything you can recommend me in particular?

Nic: Tapas and paella from Spain, for example, so I'm happy again that the first NXL event this year is taking place near Florence in Spain. I just like to try something “exotic”. For example, I found the frog legs in Belgium or France very tasty.

Kress: With the Breakout Arena in Belgium you have optimal conditions to prepare for the coming season even in winter. How do you and the team use this opportunity?

Nick: That's right! The waitresses are ideal. Of course, the Reball Dome, which is right next to the outdoor field, gives us a big advantage over many other teams in winter. From January we will be going to the Breakout Arena in Belgium again 2 weekends a month, where we will train skills and small game situations together with our 2nd team. I also train twice a week with a couple of guys from Fightclub from the 2nd Bundesliga of the DPL. Then it's about fitness and skills in the small reball hall of the Paintfarm mortuary, until it's back out on the field at the beginning of March.

Kress: With Breakout Spa you are reigning German champions of the 1st Bundesliga. How strong do you see the competition for the coming season, especially in connection with the new M800 regulation?

Nic: Since we already played M800 in the Pro division of NXL Europe in 2019, it's not a big change for us. But the Cologne Hurricanes and the Luckys 15 from England also played the M800 format last year. I think these two teams and the Mercs from Vienna will fight with us again for the 2020 championship title.

Kress: In the NXL, some things will change in European paintball this year due to a new regulation. The teams of the pro division can only play in one league and have to decide in which one. – Either Europe or USA. As a result, teams like Edmonton Impact, Houston HEAT or the first squad of the Russion Legion will opt for the North American NXL and no longer compete in Europe. What does this change mean for you and for paintball in Europe?

Nic: The new regulation of the NXL will make it more interesting for European teams again. Without complete, paid, fully professional teams, a lot will happen in the rankings and will also become more interesting for us again. Exactly what that means for us remains to be seen, but, like last year, our goals and expectations will be very high. Of course, the minimum goal is to reach the Sundays Club in every event. But all in all we are aiming for a place on the podium, and not just once!!!

Kress: Nic, thank you for this interview and I wish you and of course a strong 2020 season.

Nic: Thanks Kress and I'm sure we'll see each other more this year.

After this promising interview and the clear declaration of war by Nic Rippel and his team Breakout Spa, I am of course looking forward to the new NXL Europe season all the more. The division limitation mentioned, which should largely exclude the US professionals, will definitely bring some fresh wind into the distribution of the top places. Who knows, maybe the NXL Europe winner 2020 will come from Belgium. The thumbs are firmly pressed.

If you want to learn more about Nic Rippel now, I recommend the " Mic'UP Video " which I shot with him 2 years ago in Prague at the NXL. Just scan the QR code and watch more videos on my paintball channel.

Until then, bye and bye your Kress

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