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Tippmann TMC – The new MagFed marker
Thursday December 22, 2016

The Tippmann TMC is your entry into the MagFed Paintball area. With the new TMC, Tippmann offers you a rock-solid and very well thought-out paintball marker at a top price. Based on the most successful Aussaultrifle design in history, you get the real look and feel of an AR-15.


The scope of delivery does not have to hide from the competition either. In addition to the obligatory tool and care products, there are various accessories such as rear sight and front sight, Picatinny rails and an adjustable shoulder rest. In addition, Tippmann includes two spring-loaded 20-shot magazines. The TMC bolt system is a very proven and efficient system that has been working reliably in the Smart Parts ION or Enmey for years. It is low-maintenance and at the same time very robust.

Particularly noteworthy is the possibility of the TMC to install a hopper and thus to be able to take part in normal paintball games. This is achieved via an adapter and a dummy magazine, which are of course also included in the scope of delivery. The TMC is currently being approved and is expected to be available in Germany in February/March. You will not find a cheaper entry into the Magfed area. We are curious.

What is MagFed Paintball?

MagFed Paintball is a special variant of Scenario Paintball – even more realistic, even more intense. Similar to Scenario Paintball, you and your team live through a story. Before each mission, you get a detailed mission description with various tasks that have to be solved in the course of the game. If you successfully complete the individual tasks, you get points. At the end of the day, it is not the kills that decide, but the points achieved, victory and defeat.

An essential point of the MagFed is the property of the markers with which the game is contested. These special markers can only be operated via magazines. Gone are the days of hoppers with 250 paintballs. Each player has an ammunition limit, which is around 120 paintballs or first strike paintballs for most events. This aspect alone takes the MagFed game to a whole new level. It is significantly more exciting and extensive than any other variant of the woodland game, because you think 3 times before you fire a shot. Team play and strategic thinking are the keys to success.

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