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Tippmann TMC Air Stick Adapter announced
Monday September 18, 2017

The Tippmann TMC Airstock Adapter from Dynamic Sports Gear

Paintball players around the world have been waiting for this for months. The long-awaited Airstock Adapter for the Tippmann TMC is finally coming onto the market. Many hobby inventors and hobbyists in the paintball field have already tried their own versions in the past few weeks and months. A lot of things still seemed quite borrowed and immature, others had considerable potential. But unfortunately none of the published products had what it takes to be mass-produced. According to the Dynamic Sports Gear team, they have been working on this product for around 3 months and have been testing a first prototype for several weeks, of which a picture has now been published. After numerous changes to the shape and design, an attractive and very functional product was created in the end that adapts elegantly to the look of the Tippmann TMC.

What can the Tippmann TMC Air Stick Adapter do?

The Tippmann TMC Air Stick Adapter developed by the Dynamic Sports Gear brand makes it possible to exchange the ASA connection on the handle of the Tippmann TMC for an air supply in the shoulder rest of the marker. So almost exactly what numerous MagFed paintball players all over the world currently want. The Tippmann TMC would thus become by far the cheapest, tubeless MagFed paintball marker on the market.

The conversion kit will most likely cost around 120 euros (comparative price Dye DAM Air Stock Adapter) and contains the completely ready-to-install TMC Air Stock Adapter, a modified air line and an ASA plug that replaces the ASA connection on the handle with a shapely one bezel replaced.

An all-round well thought-out and visually very attractive concept that can then be adapted by the player with any standard paintball HP bottle and matching shoulder rest covers in the desired design. This means that every player can design their own Tippmann TMC according to their own wishes and ideas.

Dynamic Sports Gear, an innovative brand with a lot of potential for the future

In recent years, the Dynamic Sports Gear brand has repeatedly drawn attention to itself with interesting products that have not been available to buy anywhere else. The brand puts innovation first. The product range may be small, but it is still impressive.

Quality and workmanship are at a very high level at Dynamic Sports Gear. The same applies to the functionality of the products. Simple, rock-solid concepts paired with high-quality materials and clean workmanship ensure a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Sports Gear has developed the following innovations in the paintball market, among others.

– The Dye DAM Air Stock shoulder rest

– The SoftRack 2.0 paintball marker stand made of flexible, lightweight material

– The Tippmann Smooth Bolt (the only Tippmann Soft-Tip bolt in the world)

These are just some of the products from Dynamic Sports Gear. We are sure that many more will follow. You can also find all products in our Dynamic Sports Gear online shop .

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