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Tiberius Arms T15 PDW – The latest First Strike paintball marker
Wednesday September 20, 2017

First Strike T15 PDW – Tiberius Arms builds a new submachine gun!

With the new First Strike T15 PDW, a new, compact version of the popular Tiberius Arms T15 is coming onto the market. The PDW is no longer a long assault rifle like its AR-15 same predecessor, but was developed for CQB players. The design is based on a modern, handy submachine gun.

The shoulder rest can be conveniently folded in and out. The barrel and the housing have deliberately been made shorter. All in all, the T15 PDW is around 30% smaller and more compact than the T15.

What is the difference between the First Strike T15 and the T15 PDW?

The main differences have already been mentioned above. The two markers mainly differ in size and construction. Below we have listed and described the individual differences in detail.

1. The new T15 PDW Stock shoulder rest

Unlike the T15, the T15 PDW has a very compact shoulder stock that can be pushed in to the end of the housing. This means that the marker can also be used and shot with one hand, for example. At the same time, it is super compatible due to the very short setup and is ideal for games in rooms and narrow terrain.

2. The 7" Floting Handguard with Keymod System

The front shroud has also been significantly shortened on the T15 PDW. The compact 7" version with Keymod mount is lighter and more comfortable to touch than the heavy counterpart of the T15 with attached Weaver rails. Nevertheless, the Keymod device allows a lot of accessories to be mounted.

3. Short run with Ranging Donkey

The shortened barrel with its moves and fields is still very precise, but like the marker itself, it was designed more for short and medium distances. This model cannot match the high precision of the long-barreled T15. But it is more agile and compact. The Ranging Donkey Muzzlebrake also gives the marker a rich, aggressive sound.

All in all, the T15 PDW is a compact T15 in the form of a submachine gun. Ideally suited for all MagFed paintballers in the CQB area. In terms of quality and workmanship, the T15 PDW is in no way inferior to the large T15. All parts are very high quality and very precise. Nothing wobbles on the housing and the assemblies work as they should.

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