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Tiberius Arms / First Strike FSC Compact Paintball Pistol
Saturday June 10, 2017

First Strike Announces New Paintball Pistol!

Many paintballers around the world have probably been waiting for this. The manufacturer First Strike, better known to many under the label Tiberius Arms, is currently in the process of upgrading its proven and very popular T8.1 pistol. There are already first pictures of the new model, which will appear to be called FSC Compact. It is a very small, handy and, as the name suggests, compact weapon that will certainly be developed primarily for training purposes for the military and special units.

According to the current state of knowledge, the First Strike FSC Compact paintball pistol from Tiberius Arms will meet all the demands that players have had on its big brother, the Tiberius Arms T8.1 .

The weapon is still capable of First Strike as standard, the Co2 capsule is housed in the magazine and the look is also very reminiscent of the previous model. Just a good bit slimmed down.

We will definitely keep you up to date with the latest news about the First Strike FSC pistol and will of course also include it in our range as soon as it is available on the market.

When will the First Strike FSC pistol appear in Germany?

Unfortunately, we can't say anything about that at this point. As far as we know, the model is still in the test phase and not even ready for series production. As soon as there is a binding delivery date from the manufacturer, you can pre-order the First Strike FSC paintball pistol here from us. Our web shop will be updated accordingly.

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