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The WoP paintball shop
Monday December 10, 2018

The new World of Paintball Shop in Bremen

The currently only paintball shop in the Bremen area can be found on the WoP – World of Pantball facility.

Henner and Kai Wichern have further renovated their facility in recent years and significantly expanded the range. In addition to new and restructured playing fields, a real Field Store Paintball Shop awaits you with lots of selection for newcomers and professionals.

WoP Field Store – Great selection for a Paintbsall shop on the field

Since WoP focuses on local trade on your playing field, we would like to say in advance that unfortunately you cannot expect a full range as a customer. Nevertheless, the new WoP paintball shop is definitely one of the best and largest field stores in Germany and is locally the clear number one in the Bremen area .

Anyone looking for sensible paintball equipment as a newcomer will not only be offered a large, appealing selection, but will also always receive competent and fair advice from the Wiecher brothers and their employees. There is almost 50 years of paintball experience behind the counter here, and you can tell that in every single conversation.

What can I expect at the World of Paintball Shop?

The shop is located in the entrance area of the facility, to the left of the registration desk. Visitors who come to WoP to play paintball can hardly miss the shop when they walk in the door.

The current shop area used to be the changing and lounge area. After the modernization a few years ago, the old turf floor was removed there and a clean, optically very attractive retail and presentation area was created.

All information about the WoP paintball shop can also be found on the World of Paintball homepage – LINK

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