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The Weapons Expertise Academy of Lower Saxony
Wednesday March 9, 2022

The weapons expertise test as the basis for the weapons trade license for paintball dealers.

If you want to work as a paintball dealer or rent out paintball guns commercially on your paintball field , you cannot avoid acquiring a gun trading license . The so-called WHL is the legal basis for the commercial arms trade, which also includes the rental or transfer and brokerage of weapons. The latter should not be ignored, especially for pitch operators.

Sports shooters, gun license holders and employees in the security industry also need a so-called weapons proficiency test as part of their training.

Our local partner, the Lower Saxony Weapons Expertise Academy, offers such weapons expertise courses in a professional setting. The regularly held weekend courses convey all relevant training content as well as practical content. This includes, among other things, live shooting with different calibers.

At the end there is the so-called weapons competence test. Anyone who has passed this has officially proven that they are particularly well versed in the area of gun handling and legislation and are ready for the next steps, such as acquiring the WHL, applying for a WBK or a gun license.

Further information on the course content and further training opportunities can be found directly on the homepage of the Waffen Sachkunde Akademie Niedersachsen. – CLICK HERE

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