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The TOP 5 questions for paintball beginners
Friday July 15, 2016

In our many years of work in the paintball field, we have repeatedly come across the same questions. We would like to answer these for you here in order to support you in making decisions.

Which marker is right for me?

It all depends on how you want to play. Not every marker is suitable for everything. We break it down by game type.

Woodland / Scenario Paintball

As a beginner, we definitely recommend the TIPPMANN A5 . It is an ideal entry-level marker that can be generously modified as required. Another advantage of the A5 is the integrated CYCLONE FEED HOPPER SYSTEM from TIPPMANN . This system uses the air from the HP bottle to power the A5's HOPPER and ensure that a new paintball is placed in the firing chamber after each shot. So you no longer have to B. shake with a shaker so that the paintballs fall. This system can be retrofitted to the TIPPMANN 98 , TIPPMANN BRAVO ONE and TIPPMANN SIERRA ONE , for example.


If you don't want to commit yourself regarding the game variant, your first port of call should be PROTO or PLANET ECLIPSE . Here you get z. B. with the Proto MaXXeD RIZE a grandiose middle class marker with which you will have fun for a long time. You can play this marker in Woodland as well as in paintball tournaments. Take a look at our savings packages to see if there is something right for you.

Tournament paintball

As already mentioned at Woodland, we clearly recommend markers from PROTO or PLANET ECLIPSE . Not only the supply of spare parts is secured, but also the service. Both companies are based in Germany with main sales offices. Proto is the sub-brand of DYE e.g. B. have their headquarters for Europe in Offenburg. If you want to play in the tournament area, you should always buy a so-called e-hopper for your tournament marker. This electronically controlled loader constantly supplies your marker with paintballs. This is very important in tournament paintball, where there is a lot more and faster shooting than in woodland or scenario paintball. Proto_Maxxed_Rize

MagFed Paintball

This special form of the woodland game has blossomed into a fixture in recent years. In this variant, the associated role play is always in the foreground. The shooting itself tends to take a back seat and is usually done with special ammunition, such as First Strike Paintballs . The markers used for this type of game are very close to the original models and are only loaded via magazines.


It is also occasionally possible to take part in games with LOWCAP hoppers . You can also equip an A5 with a LOW CAP hopper, for example. If you want to buy a marker in this segment, you should look to names like MAXTACT , FIRST STRIKE and MILSIG , and more recently TIPPMANN with the TMC . The TGR 2 offers good value for money and is easy to use and maintain. A terrific marker that is used worldwide by many special forces for training purposes. Very robust and durable. Few seals make maintenance easy. The TGR completely convinced us. Incidentally, it is also the only marker that has all the controls for left- and right-handers installed.

HP or CO2

Clearly HP (High Pressure). CO2 (carbon dioxide) is now only used in the form of so-called CO2 capsules , for example for paintball guns or RAM markers (real-action markers Cal. 43 or Cal. 50) . CO2 bottles have largely disappeared from paintball. In the past, CO2 systems were often used because they were significantly cheaper than the HP systems, which were still very expensive at the time.

The constant further development of the markers and the step towards more and more electronic components make CO2 obsolete. You will probably not find a playing field today that still uses CO2. Therefore, we strongly advise against buying a CO2 bottle. We still offer them to you, but mostly they are bought by hobbyists or lovers of old paintball markers.

Aluminum or composite bottles

This is where the wallet comes into play. Aluminum HP systems are significantly cheaper than composite systems . Ideal for beginners, as a 0.8 l aluminum bottle can be had for just under 50 euros. A composite bottle starts at around 149 euros. Another advantage is that aluminum bottles can last at least 10 years from their production date without a TÜV test. This is different with composite bottles. The disadvantage of aluminum is clearly the weight and the fact that they can only be filled with 200 BAR air pressure.


For beginners, however, they are the right choice. Sooner or later, however, every ambitious paintball player will switch to a composite HP system. Are you wondering why? The weight difference alone is huge and your arms will thank you. In addition, these systems can be filled with 300 BAR air pressure and can store more air than aluminum bottles of the same size. Another advantage: In contrast to aluminum bottles, you can choose your own regulator. With aluminum bottles, this is usually firmly glued and can only be removed with brute force.


Here is a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of both systems



  • different sizes available
  • low acquisition costs
  • 10 years MOT


  • high weight compared to composite
  • built-in regulator
  • 200 BAR



  • many different sizes and shapes
  • individually adaptable regulators
  • very light weight
  • 300 BAR
  • can usually be checked after the TÜV has expired


  • compared to aluminum bottle, high acquisition costs
  • TÜV expired after approx. 4 – 6 years

Want to buy an HP system but not sure which one? Then either stop by our shop or simply give us a call on 0511 45 95 999 and we will be happy to help you choose your new HP system. The first filling is of course free of charge on site.

Which paintball mask should I buy?

The question of which is the best paintball mask is not so easy to answer, as it is a question of accuracy and of course personal taste. In order to avoid a bad purchase, we recommend that you visit us directly in our shop. With us you have the opportunity to try out all paintball masks for yourself. So you notice quite quickly when it presses and pinches.

Proto_Switch_EL_Paintball Mask

An unreserved recommendation for a beginner's mask is clearly the Proto Switch EL mask . This paintball mask has an optimal price/performance ratio and will give you a lot of fun and a clear view while playing paintball. You should always buy thermal glass as an option, as these glasses consist of 2 layers and almost never fog up. Changing the lenses is also very easy with the Proto mask . It offers you optimal protection in every situation and is very comfortable to wear.

Which hopper should I buy?

This question also depends on your game type. The Proto Loader, for example, is worthwhile for beginners with slightly cheaper markers. This loader is actually a classic shaking hopper , which transports the paintballs into the marker by moving the same. The special thing about it is the built-in level, which protects the paintballs from tilting and thus offers a good compromise for beginners.


Do you want e.g. B. supply an electronic marker with paintballs, we advise you to buy an e-hopper. These hoppers are battery operated and use a paddle wheel to push the paintballs into your marker. Here z. B. the VALKEN V-Max Loader has proven to be a good price/performance system. For us, the DYE Rotor R1 is and remains the measure of all things. Almost indestructible and very economical in terms of batteries, it has defended its 1st place in almost all tests for years. With the introduction of the R2, the price of the R1 has also dropped significantly and has therefore also become very interesting for beginners.


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