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Wednesday November 22, 2023

At the end of the year we would like to tell you again about this year's Scenario Big Game at Battleground. In September, SBG – THE PURGE, the largest paintball event on European soil, took place. At the same time it was the 30th event and therefore the 15th anniversary, which was of course celebrated properly. Look forward to an exciting event report and lots of impressive pictures.

In this issue, Tamara Matern , who many of you probably already know from other SBGs or the X-Days, was a freelance reporter for us. She summarized her impressions of this year's SBG event at Battleground for us.

It was the 15th anniversary and of course there was a special event to celebrate. This time there were new game variants that were directly adapted to the title of the event. Participants in the event were allowed to PURGEN and collect life points in the form of coins from other players who had tagged them. You could choose to go out individually or as a group and claim the title of best PURGER for yourself or your team.

Tamara Matern: For an incredible 15 years, the Scenario Big Game (SBG for short), which takes place twice a year at the Battleground in Brozek, Poland, has been an integral part of the paintball event calendar. Since then, the event has developed a little further every time. When you think about how it all started, you can't help but take off your imaginary hat. Big respect to the Battleground/SBG crew!

The theme for the anniversary event was titled: The Purge . Everyone knows the films in which no laws apply for twelve hours one night, you can eliminate your rival, class enemy, unpleasant person, annoying neighbor or even your own hunchbacked relatives with impunity and thus make society purer. Of course, the anniversary event wasn't quite as final and eliminatory (does that word even exist?). But the game design still made everyone's hearts beat faster and it was purged for all it was worth. Alliances were formed, or you went out as a lone fighter to collect the previously distributed golden coins and to be ranked as the best purgers at the end of the day. Before the main event started on Friday and Saturday on the entire Battleground field. The scenery, with initially somewhat cloudy weather, large amounts of fake blood flowing, flashing purge masks, bloody wedding dresses and wet, shiny marker steel, with roaring tank engines, had something film-worthy about it. Everything was accompanied by the obligatory film sound, the Purge melody, which was the musical replacement for the characteristic “The One with the Red Collar” jingle, and which caused whole-body goosebumps when played in front of the stage.

Over 1,300 players cavorted on and off the field. There was something on offer for every player, regardless of whether they were Supair or Magfed. The now indispensable trade show, which has been enlarged and rethought again and now offers even more space for traders and buyers, attracted players during breaks in the game and after the end of the game. Players who never got tired were able to let off steam in night games, time trials and on the brand new SupAir playing field. Rounded off by a stage show with live bands, Kukkibar, raffle, food mile, tech service and much more, the 30th anniversary of the SBG event series was a prime example of what can be achieved with hard work, hard work and visions of greater things.

If you ask regular players, you usually get the same answer: “Well – that’s it, just take a look around!”. And yes – if you look around, you will notice at every corner of this unique property how much everything has developed. It starts with the now hotel-like sanitary facilities in the main building, with a Dixie service directly to the separately bookable pitches, and currently extends to 23 playing fields (more in the pipeline), to which changes/conversions and improvements are made every year. A growing core of currently 150 permanent and freelance employees and completely crazy people who sacrifice their free time to help build Battleground. Because what still sets Battleground apart after 15 years is that you don't just feel like a player here – but like part of a big family. This feeling is priceless these days and makes the Scenario Big Game, with all the people who put their heart and soul into it, unique and gives reasonable hope that many more events will be made possible in the next 15 years.

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