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The Planet Eclipse GTEK 180r paintball marker
Friday August 25, 2023

The Planet Eclipse GTEK 180r Paintball Marker: A technology revolution in paintball

The Planet Eclipse GTEK 180r Paintball Marker has made a splash in the paintball world. For beginners and professionals alike, this marker offers a blend of quality, durability and performance. In this post we take a close look at the GTEK 180r to show what makes it so special and why every paintball enthusiast should give it a try.

Technical Specifications and Features

The GTEK 180r represents the highest quality technology and design. Here are some of the outstanding technical features:

  • Gamma Core Drive : A spool valve design that provides incredible shot consistency while requiring very little maintenance.
  • Tool-less Bolt Access : Easy and quick access to the bolt without tools. This makes maintenance much easier.
  • OLED Display : A bright and clear display that provides important information about the marker's condition and settings.
  • Optimized Air Efficiency System : Less air consumption with each shot, resulting in longer games between tank fills.

design and handling

With the GTEK 180r, Planet Eclipse has not only set new standards in terms of technology, but also in terms of design. The elegant yet sturdy exterior is both attractive and functional. The marker's ergonomics are designed to fit perfectly in any player's hand, regardless of hand size.

performance on the pitch

Of course, what really counts is the performance on the pitch. And here the Planet Eclipse GTEK 180r convinces all along the line. Shooting accuracy is top-notch, which ensures you hit your target whether you're up close or at a greater distance. Added to this is the reliability of the marker, which does not fail even under the most extreme conditions.

maintenance and longevity

No player wants to constantly spend time maintaining their marker. Luckily, the GTEK 180r is designed to require minimal maintenance. The tool-less bolt access system allows users to disassemble and clean the marker in no time. In addition, high-quality materials and workmanship ensure the product has a long service life.


The Planet Eclipse GTEK 180r paintball marker is an absolute must-have for any serious paintball player. With its mixture of first-class technology, outstanding design and unbeatable performance, it sets new standards in the paintball world. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this marker will definitely take your game to the next level.

So if you want to get the most out of your paintball experience, the Planet Eclipse GTEK 180r is the right choice for you. We can recommend him unreservedly!

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