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The Paintballsports.de Video Channel
Monday December 2, 2019

Your new video channel all about paintball

Our new paintball video channel will start in January 2020. Here, our experienced employees explain the latest products to you, offer you help with repairs and tell you everything else there is to know about paintball.

Paintball Unboxing Videos – The latest products are only available here.

Of course, we will also regularly examine the latest products for you. For this we will set up a separate category with so-called unboxing videos . Here you will not only be shown the latest products, but we will unpack them together with you in the video, assemble them and explain the product features and special features to you. We will also test one or the other product in practice or put it through its paces for you on our shop's own shooting range.

Paintball repair and technique videos

With our experienced paintball technician Michael "Micha" Kussmaul we create the new video series on paintball technology for you. Here you can get all the information about the maintenance and repair of paintball markers.

So if you've always wanted to know whether grease or oil gets into your marker, what a low-pressure regulator is and how a paintball marker actually works in detail, then you've come to the right place. Micha will gradually introduce you to the secrets of the world of paintball technology and give you useful tips for maintaining your equipment.

The Paintballsports.de Video Channel – When does it start?

We will start with the first videos in January 2020 . The channel will be gradually built up by us. We want to continuously work on this media channel and expand it bit by bit for you.

If you have interesting topics or have always wanted to know something specific, please send us an e-mail. Who knows, maybe other players will ask exactly the same thing and if there is enough demand for a topic, we will definitely conjure up a nice video for you.

Join us in looking forward to even more fun, excitement, technology and entertainment for our favorite hobby. – From January 2020 with the Paintballsports.de Video Channel.

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