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The paintball tournament with 2000 euros prize money!
Thursday March 7, 2019

Win 2000 euros in prize money at the Opening Cup paintball tournament in Leese

The new paintball season starts with a bang. On Easter Saturday (April 20th, 2019) P2 Paintball Leese will start the new paintball season with its Opening Cup tournament. As a highlight, there will be a prize money of 2,000 euros in cash . This is new and so far unique in German tournament sport.

Here you can win the highest paintball prize money!

As already mentioned, this tournament is a hitherto unique success story. Never before have tournament organizers, dealers and manufacturers come together on this scale to set up a paintball tournament with such high prize money .

For an entry fee of 279 euros ( BYO ) you can bring your own paintballs and have fun and hard fights for the podium for a whole day of the tournament. Depending on how far the team gets during the day and how many teams take part in the event, each team can expect 4-6 exciting games and at the end the big winner's pot, bulging with 2000 euros in cash!

Big Money Paintball Tournaments – Powered by Paintball Sports

In order to bring a breath of fresh air back into the German paintball tournament circuit, we have decided on a new and so far unique sponsoring campaign this year. Throughout the season we will be sponsoring several events and tournaments with prize money. The aim is to make tournament sport much more interesting again and not only to give teams a reason to compete in these tournaments, but also to motivate themselves for training and to want to get better.

If you can really make money in paintball sport by regularly celebrating successes at tournaments, then we have taken a big step towards professionalism with the entire sport.

We are curious how this new idea will be received and accepted in the scene. In addition, we are of course looking forward to an exciting tournament season and wish the future winners a lot of fun with the cash prize.

The supporters for the 2019 season

In addition to Paintball Sports as a tournament partner and the actual organizer, we were also able to inspire some of the big brand names from the scene for our idea. We are therefore pleased to be able to present the supporters for the 2019 paintball season to you.

DLX Luxe

The manufacturer of what is probably the most prestigious paintball marker in the world did not hesitate and is involved in the development of the tournament sport.

Dye Precision Paintball

Dye is one of the largest paintball brands in Europe and the USA. Dye was also convinced of our idea and actively supports the tournaments with cash prizes.

New Legion paintballs

The paint brand New Legion, which is particularly well-known in Germany, was one of the first supporters of the new cash game paintball tournaments. We say thank you!

GI Sportz

The paint giant from the USA didn't hesitate for long. Professional tournament sport needs a professional partner. We are proud that GI Sportz supports our project.

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