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The Paintball Exchange – Your marketplace for used equipment
Wednesday April 24, 2019

Where can I sell a used paintball marker?

This is exactly the question we get asked very often by our customers. Many want to sell their old paintball gear and use the money to buy new ones. Choosing the right provider is crucial here, because not all platforms allow the sale of used paintball equipment without further ado.

Sell used paintball equipment on ebay – a no-go!

Due to the applicable gun laws and moral concerns, ebay has not been allowing the sale of paintball guns in the private context of its sales and online auction platform for some time. Only dealers can place their offers there and this is really only possible if you want to buy completely new paintball equipment .

Buy and sell paintball equipment on Amazon

The conditions at Amazon are relatively simple. Paintball markers have no place on this platform. The provider would like to limit the sale of weapons as much as possible and therefore unfortunately does not allow a sale. This rule applies to both private end users and commercial traders. Unfortunately , selling paintball equipment on Amazon is just as impossible as buying paintball equipment on Amazon.

Paintball-Börse.de – Your marketplace for used paintball equipment

One of the best alternatives currently is the Paintball Exchange . There players can offer their used equipment and also make searches if they want to search for used equipment. The portal has listed over 1000 offers , making it one of the largest platforms for used Panitball equipment in German-speaking countries. If you want to sell used paintball equipment or want to supplement your own equipment with inexpensive, used items, you've come to the right place.

eGun.de – The gun exchange

A platform that is now getting on in years is eGun. eGun has a similar structure to eBay, except that only weapons and accessories are traded there. Here, too, you will find what you are looking for used paintball equipment or individual items of equipment such as masks, hoppers, etc. Some dealers also offer their paintball products on eGun.

So now you know the best platforms where you can sell your used paintball equipment profitably. If you are then interested in new equipment or, for example, a new high-end paintball marker, please do not hesitate to contact us. Paintball Sports always has the right paintball equipment in stock for you.

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