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Monday June 28, 2021

The DPL also had to struggle hard with the corona restrictions of the last few months. A normal league operation was hardly to be thought of. Nevertheless, further steps were taken over the winter towards the future of German paintball tournament sports and more attention was paid to the topic of working with young people. The result was the idea of the new DPL team companion. This should act as a direct link between players interested in the league and the DPL by introducing the players to the topic of paintball tournament sport on site on the fields. If you're saying "hey, I practically do that anyway when I'm on the field…", then you should read on, because the DPL is desperately looking for motivated paintball enthusiasts who want to take on this job.

We spoke to DPL Managing Director Sven Reimann about this and wanted to know from him exactly what the newly created role of DPL team companion is all about and what else the DPL has done over the winter to breathe new life into the heavily battered tournament scene to lend. Sven, please tell us a little about what the DPL is currently doing behind the scenes and also how you came up with the idea of creating this new position of team companion, what you hope for from it and how you imagine the whole thing to be.

Sven Reimann (DPL) – The DPL has made it its mission to make tournament paintball bigger and develop it further. In order to do this in the best possible way, a medium to long-term plan is being followed, which finds its first approaches in the DPL Agenda 2022, which was published in April 2019. It referred to the improvement of essential basic pillars, such as the creation of a comprehensive German set of rules and thus increased quality and quantity in the referee area. In this area, a constant process will bring success and enable and improve tournament paintball at the highest level. Another important point is the newly designed and improved website, which will be much more content-heavy in the future and invites you to take a tour of the tournament paintball world. The individual teams, playing fields and projects are given much more space on the new homepage to present themselves. Above all, it should bring our passion for sport closer to beginners and help them to better understand paintball tournament sports.

In addition to the active players, we as the DPL have defined the newcomers as our main target group. It should be made easier for them to find their way around the website and to immerse themselves in exciting topics. Many, almost all questions on the website should be clarified, regarding the first steps, about the set of rules that is necessary for a sport, up to the registration and the preparation for the first day of the game. If there are still questions or problems, permanent assistance is offered via the hotline, a Whatsapp number and a contact form. This means that the digital package has now become very extensive on the whole, a significant improvement from our point of view. But much more important is probably the human-to-human component, directly on the pitch. If the opportunity arises. Sooner or later, each of us has come into direct contact with someone who was already completely dedicated to tournament paintball and reported passionately about it. In this case, this person was the helping hand who then guided us onto the field, who explained to us how tournament paintball works, what to expect and how best to get into the sport yourself. These people still exist and Paintball can be more than thankful that this task is often pursued very passionately. Such great people should now become the official team companions of the German Paintball League. The helping hand that is given to the beginner to accompany them into the league and tournament sports. Furthermore, these newcomers, new teams or even existing teams should have a competent and friendly contact person who will always be a further support through his experience. Whether it's the new individual player who is looking for a team but has no contacts or a team that has been missing out on promotion to the next division for a long time. All these tournament players or prospective tournament players should be given an accompanying, helping hand. Sometimes it is a little fear of contact or an apparently too high entry barrier that deters potential league players. These and other gaps are to be gradually closed in order to make getting started as easy and pleasant as possible. In an official DPL outfit, armed with guidelines, flyers, comprehensive folders, vouchers and a good portion of motivation, the DPL team companions will be on the road at all venues, but also in interested partner fields of the DPL, in order to bring our passion closer to more and more people. In addition to personal business cards with contact options, mailing lists and social media campaigns will also complete the points of contact with the league.

PBS Magazin: Thank you Sven for presenting the new team companion concept. That sounds a little like the old days to us, when the league coordinators and field operators took over this job. We are curious how the new team companions will be accepted in the scene and keep our fingers crossed for you.

So there is a lot happening again in the German paintball league. If you are now interested in tournament sport, then simply visit the new DPL homepage, or keep an eye out for one of the new DPL team companions on your playing field and ask him your questions. In any case, we think the idea is a good one, because everything that develops tournament sport in Germany is a step in the right direction. Let's hope that Corona will soon be a thing of the past and we can all finally go out into the fields again. We wish you all a successful tournament season and lots of fun with your team.

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