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The official DPL beginner sets for tournament sports
Friday October 22, 2021

The official DPL starter sets from Dye & Planet Eclipse!

The German Paintball League DPL has been working intensively on promoting young talent for around two years. Numerous adjustments were made to make it easier for tournament-loving paintballers throughout Germany to get started in tournament sports . In addition to the newly created positions for the DPL team supervisors , who are to accompany the players on their way into paintball tournament sports, the next step is to deal with the topic of equipment for tournament sports. Here, too, there are often many questions and ambiguities on the part of newcomers. – Which marker should I buy to play in the DPL? Which hopper is fast enough to play in paintball tournaments? Which paintball mask is the best and which air system fits my marker?

All these questions simply overwhelm one or the other newcomer. If there isn't an expert dealer around the corner who also has a little tournament experience himself, then you'll be at your wits' end quite quickly and the courageous decision to buy paintball tournament equipment ends in a tough fight with the Equipment.

So that this doesn't happen to you, the DPL has teamed up with two of its biggest sponsors, namely the companies Dye and Planet Eclipse , and together with them put together two equipment packages that are not only perfectly matched to each other, but are also optimally suited for league sports in terms of performance .

The official DPL starter set from DYE

The Dye brand has been one of the top suppliers in global paintball tournaments for years. For the official DPL starter set, Dye has put together its proven CZR, the Dye Rotor LT-R, a Switch FS thermal mask with super comfort and an aluminum air system as a set for you. So you are ready to go right away and can get started right away.

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Official DPL starter set from Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse is considered an absolute premium brand among paintball marker manufacturers and has been successfully leading the market in terms of quality for years. However, this also has its price and so you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for a Planet Eclipse paintball marker set. But then you also have equipment at a real top level. In this case with the Planet Eclipse ETHA2, the Protoys Speedster E-Loader, a Virtue VIO Ascent Paintball Thermal Mask and a 0.8 liter 200 bar HP system.

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In order to keep the official DPL starter sets attractively priced, value was also placed on good but inexpensive products . Sure, such equipment is not a special offer. If you want to play paintball at a professional level , you need good, high-quality equipment and unfortunately that has its price. Nevertheless, the DPL and also Dye and Planet Eclipse have sat down and turned the price screw a little here and there to give potential newcomers a price advantage . So you can be sure that you are well positioned with the official DPL starter packages and that you can play well with these sets in the lower leagues such as the DPL district league , but also the DPL state league , upper league or association league. If it later goes into the real professional area, from the regional league or higher, then it should be a shovel more. By then, however, you will certainly have collected the first support contracts and sponsors with your team and can be sure that, if you perform well, you will be able to get the right professional equipment a lot cheaper. – Of course there is still a long way to go, but everyone started out small.

So, if you are interested in paintball tournament sport, then we can warmly recommend the official DPL starter sets. We wish you a lot of success and lots of fun on your way into tournament sport.

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