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The new Tippmann TMC Air Stick Adapter is here!
Friday November 10, 2017

New from Dynamic Sports Gear – The Tippmann TMC air Stock Adapter

This news hits the Tippmann TMC and MagFed community like lightning. Dynamic Sports Gear has released its new Tippmann TMC Air Stick Adapter and has already announced delivery of the first batch for the coming week.

The product obviously makes quite a lot and the key data are also consistent. As usual with Dynamic Sports Gear, the customer can expect a high-quality processed product that has been milled from the solid with a CNC machine. In addition to the adapter, the set includes a new gas line that no longer leads from the valve to the lower part of the grip, but directly to the rear end of the marker, below the buttstock.

The Grip Plug is also awaiting you as a cool accessory. It is a metal plug for the bottom of the handle. After the conversion to Air Stock has taken place, without this component you not only have an ugly hole in the bottom of the grip, but dirt and paint splashes could also get inside the marker. Dynamic Sports Gear has put a lot of effort into this and has carefully thought through its product so that nothing is left to be desired for the player. Another great product with a simple plug & play solution, as is already known from the Dye DAM Air Stock shoulder rest , which was also launched by DSG about 3 years ago.

Tippmann TMC Air Stock – Also available from us as a complete shoulder rest!

Of course, we got to work straight away to get the best out of this new, hammer product for you. The result is a complete airstock system for the Tippmann TMC that you can order from us as a bundle item with all the necessary accessories ready for installation.

The setup turns your normal TMC into a genuine MAgFed paintball marker with air supply in the shoulder rest, and it's as compact as possible.

Can the Tippmann TMC also be purchased complete with Air Stock?

Unfortunately not as standard, as this would require a new approval of the marker. However, we have put together a savings package for you in which you can buy the marker including the Air Stick System at a slightly reduced price. You have the choice of which shape and color the Air Stick should have. The whole thing is kept as individual as possible in order to meet as many demands as possible.

We wish all MagFed players a lot of fun with this new upgrade for the Tippmann TMC and are sure that you will soon be able to admire plenty of markers with the Air Stock System on the playing fields in the region.

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